1st APRIL 2017 — 30th SEPTEMBER 2017





Nigel Arthur (Chairman) Birch House, Maldon Rd, Latchingdon. 

 Tel: 01621 744523


Graham Rayner 5, Hawkins Close, Cock Clarks, Purleigh. 

 Tel: 01621 828117


Colin Ash Gardeners Cottage, Spar Lane, Purleigh 

 Tel: 01621 827055


Steven Bardwell Brooklea, Cold Norton Road, Latchingdon.

 Tel: 01621 740234


Brian Oliver Cosy Nook, Chelmsford Rd, Purleigh. 

 Tel: 01621 828433


Steven Potter Lower Barn Farm, Roundbush Rd, Purleigh. 

 Tel 01621 828270


Gavin Strathern Spar Hill Farm, Chelmsford Rd, Purleigh 

 Tel: 07702 322203 




Jane Potter 27 Anchor Reach, South Woodham Ferrers. CM3 5GS 

 Tel: 01245 320426 


E-mail: jane.m.potter@btinternet.com 

 WEBSITE www.purleigh.com 





It has been another busy quarter for the Council. In response to the Parish Council’s request, Essex Police carried out a speed survey within the 30 mph speed limit in Hackmans Lane. A two day automatic traffic count was taken in two locations starting on Tuesday, 1st August 2017. At a location 110 metres south of Birchwood Road the speed limit was exceeded by 56.2% of northbound vehicles and 80.1% of southbound vehicles. The average daily speed (based on the 2 days) being 34.4 mph. At a location 100 metres west of Birchwood Road the speed limit was exceeded by 42% of northwest bound vehicles and 53% of southeast bound vehicles. The average daily speed (based on the 2 days) being 31.4 mph. The Parish Council is using these results to try to persuade the County Council to repair the Speed Indicator Device in Hackmans Lane, as well as the one in Fambridge Road.


Staying with highways, an issue which crops up frequently is the positioning of obstacles such as posts, rocks, planters etc. on the highway verge. The Highway Authority’s policy on this matter is that whilst the County Council appreciates residents maintaining the verges outside their homes, these verges are highway land and are mainly there to act as an overspill for vehicles to pass by other road users. Placing certain objects on them, such as posts, chain link fences or rocks, may represent a safety risk to motorists and other road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists and riders.  The County Council fully understands residents’ frustration that these verges sometimes get abused by inconsiderate motorists, but the Highway Authority has the right to request that the items are removed. If residents are concerned about objects that have been placed on the highway then in the first instance they need to report the obstruction on Essex County Council’s Report It Tool. An inspection and risk assessment will then be undertaken, and if necessary a letter will be sent to the relevant landowner requesting that the object be removed. The focus of the County Council’s enforcement team being to deal with any obstructions and encroachments on the highway that are causing a serious risk to, or significant interference with, the safe use of the highway.


On the subject of keeping the highway clear, may we also remind anyone with ditches which border the roadside to try to keep them clear of any obstructions and vegetation to try to minimise any flooding in the parish. Your help with this is, as always, very much appreciated.


We will be setting the precept for 2018/2019 in January. This is the amount of money we need from the District Council to be able to continue to provide services and facilities in Purleigh for the forthcoming financial year, and the sum arrived at is the result of over a year’s budgeting. If there are any projects or purchases which you think would benefit Purleigh and its parishioners, and you would like the parish council to consider providing them, please let the clerk know by 8th December so that, if approved in principle, she can get quotations for the Parish Council to consider in January. In the past we have responded to requests for new play equipment and litter bins, and have given grants towards sports equipment to local clubs and organisations.

Once again the Parish Council would like to congratulate its allotment holders following the annual site inspection. The allotments look really well maintained. The paths and front of the site have been regularly mown, look tidy and cared for and are free from obstruction and the impression given is of well-run allotments tenanted by some very talented gardeners.


As always, may I take this opportunity to remind you that the parish council meets on the second Friday of every month in the Wells Pavilion, Howe Green Road and that a public session is held fifteen minutes before each meeting. Please come along if you have an issue you would like to discuss with us or if you are just interested to see what goes on.


Nigel Arthur




During the period 1st April 2017 to 30th September 2017 the Parish Council’s income and investments amounted to £77,971.99 and in the same period it spent £33,686.91 on parishioners’ behalf. At 30th September 2017 the following monies were held:


General Fund:  
Barclays Community (Current) Account £2,180.74
Barclays Business Premium Account £26,770.49
Petty Cash £50.00
Earmarked Reserves:  
Historic Buildings Fund £8,768.69
Miss Pawsey’s Legacy  £6,515.16




Income and Expenditure

During the year the greatest sources of income were the parish precept (£40,000) and income from the pavilion and playing field (£2,448.50). The Parish Council spent £3,091.10 during the quarter maintaining and improving the pavilion and playing field on behalf of parishioners and an additional £4,055 on grass cutting. The largest item of expenditure however was the purchase of replacement play equipment at a cost of £10,345.50.


The new play equipment was chosen with the help of the Purleigh Community Fund, a group of interested and enthusiastic parishioners, who together with the Parish Council, are hoping to continue the refurbishment of the Children’s Play Area. The group hope to get as much input from the community as possible before finalising their proposals, so if you would like to get involved please complete their survey at:




Audit of Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017


The external auditor PKF Littlejohn LLP has concluded its audit of the Parish Council’s accounts for the financial year 2016/2017 and has concluded that on the basis of its review, in its opinion, the information contained in the Annual Return is in accordance with proper practices and the Audit Commission’s requirements. No matters have come to the auditor’s attention which give cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.


A copy of the Parish Council’s completed Annual Return has been displayed on the Parish Council’s notice boards. Alternatively, the accounts are available for inspection by any local elector on application to the clerk. Copies can also be purchased from the Parish Council at £5.00 per copy.


Pavilion Hire


To hire the Wells Pavilion please contact Steven Potter on 01621 828270.

Occasional bookings for Purleigh residents cost £7.50 per hour, and regular bookings for local clubs and organisations cost £6.50 per hour.