1st APRIL 2016 — 30th SEPTEMBER 2106


Gavin Strathern (Chairman) Spar Hill Farm, Chelmsford Rd, Purleigh

Tel: 07702 322203

Nigel Arthur (Vice Chairman) Birch House, Maldon Rd, Latchingdon

Tel: 01621 744523

Colin Ash Gardeners Cottage, Spar Lane, Purleigh

Tel: 01621 827055

Steven Bardwell Brooklea, Cold Norton R, Latchingdon

Tel: 01621 740234

Brian Oliver Cosy Nook, Chelmsford Rd, Purleigh

Tel: 01621 828433

Steven Potter Lower Barn Farm, Roundbush Rd, Purleigh

Tel 01621 828270

Graham Rayner 5, Hawkins Close, Cock Clarks, Purleigh

Tel: 01621 828117


Jane Potter 27 Anchor Reach, South Woodham Ferrers. CM3 5GS

Tel: 01245 320426

E-mail: jane.m.potter@btinternet.com

WEBSITE www.purleigh.com




Since December 2015 there have been six separate reported incidents of criminal damage to cars and windows in Roundbush Road caused by someone in a vehicle firing missiles from a catapult or similar weapon. During the last incident in Roundbush Road and The Street on 15th July 2016 six car or house windows were broken. Given the repetitive nature of this crime and the effect it has on parishioners in Roundbush Road and the surrounding area e.g. The Street, The Glebe and Howe Green Road we asked Essex Police to install a temporary mobile camera in Roundbush Road to try to capture photographic evidence of the next incident. We chose Roundbush Road as it has been frequently targeted and may be where the criminals enter the village off Fambridge Road.


In response to the Parish Council’s request, PC Pateman (Essex Police) explained that this was not something Essex Police could agree to do at this time. There are apparently strict rules and procedures around the placing of CCTV cameras, not to mention the cost. PC Pateman does not believe the Police could justify the placing of such a camera on the off chance it might pick up a vehicle involved in these offences at some point.

 PC Pateman believes that the best way forward is to raise local awareness of the problem. He believes that if the residents of Purleigh remain vigilant they are more likely to be able to provide helpful information to the Police than any camera deployed at one end of the village would be able to. Please therefore keep your eyes open and report anything suspicious to the Police.

Continuing the theme of highway safety, we have bought two ‘A’ frame school road safety signs reading ‘Think! Stopping here could endanger a child’s life’ and donated them to the school, who have agreed to put them in suitable places to try to encourage more responsible parking in Pump Lane and the Westerings. Maldon District Council’s Rangers had lent Purleigh two of these signs on a temporary basis, and they do seem to have proved effective in preventing people parking on the double yellow lines in front of the school.

Our biggest project this quarter was putting in hand repairs to the outside of the pavilion, including the verandah. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused to users while the work was being carried out, but hope you will agree that Nestwood Building Services have done a terrific job and that the Pavilion looks much improved.

We will be setting the precept for 2017/2018 in January. This is the amount of money we need from the District Council to be able to continue to provide services and facilities in Purleigh for the forthcoming financial year, and the sum arrived at is the result of over a year’s budgeting. If there are any projects or purchases which you think would benefit Purleigh and its parishioners, and you would like the parish council to consider providing them, please let the clerk know by 9th December so that, if approved in principle, she can get quotations for the Parish Council’s consideration in January. In the past we have responded to requests for new play equipment and litter bins, and have given grants towards sports equipment to local clubs and organisations.

As always, may I take this opportunity to remind you that the parish council meets on the second Friday of every month in the Wells Pavilion, Howe Green Road and that a public session is held between 7.15 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. before each meeting. Please come along if you have an issue you would like to discuss with us or if you are just interested to see what goes on.

Gavin Strathern




During the period 1st April 2016 to 30th September 2016 the Parish Council’s income and investments amounted to £64,092.98 and in the same period it spent £25,650.22 on parishioners’ behalf. At 30th September 2016 the following monies were held:


General Fund:

Barclays Community (Current) Account              £1,023.46

Barclays Business Premium Account                £22,087.35

Petty Cash                                                                £50.00

Earmarked Reserves:

Historic Buildings Fund                                        £8,767.60

Miss Pawsey’s Legacy                                        £6,514.35





The main source of income during the period 1st April to 30th September 2016 was the precept of £32,500 from Maldon District Council. The Parish Council also received £1,163.50 from letting the pavilion and a very small amount of interest from its earmarked reserves.


By far the biggest item of expenditure in the quarter was the sum of £5,325 spent on improvements to the outside of the pavilion, including the verandah, which was in need of significant repair. We have also spent £3,742 on grass cutting and £180 enforcing the parking restrictions in Pump Lane.

In January every year the Parish Council finalises how much money it needs from the District Council to provide services and facilities in the parish for the next financial year. If you have any projects you would like the Parish Council to consider helping to fund or any items of capital expenditure you think the Parish needs, please let the clerk know by 9th December so quotations can be obtained. Any projects or purchases must however improve the parish or be of benefit to its residents.




There is still an allotment available for rent at the allotment site in Chelmsford Road. The plot will be free of charge until 1st October 2017 so if you are interested in taking over the tenancy please let the clerk know at jane.m.potter@btinternet.com or on 01245 320426. The Parish Council would really like to rent the plot to a Purleigh resident.




Provisionally, the Parish Council will meet in the Wells Pavilion on the following Fridays in 2017:


13th January

10th February

10th March

14th April

12th May

9th June

14th July

11th August

8th September

13th October

10th November

8th December


The Annual Parish Meeting will be provisionally held on Thursday, 20th April 2017. Parishioners are warmly invited to attend.