Members present: Mr. N. Arthur (Chairman), Mr. C. Ash, Mr. B. Oliver, Mr. S. Potter, Mr. G. Rayner and Mr. G. Strathern.


Also in attendance: Mrs. Jane Potter (Clerk).


Mr. John Archer and Miss Sue White (District Council Ward Members) attended the public session prior to the start of the meeting, as did Mrs. Penny Channer (County Council Ward Member) and one member of the public.


Mrs. Penny Channer and one member of the public attended part of the meeting.




Apologies were received from Mr. Steven Bardwell (Parish Councillor) who was unable to attend the meeting due to a prior personal commitment.




Mr. Potter declared a disclosable interest in Agenda item 5.2/09/17 regarding FUL/MAL/17/00962, being related to the applicant.


There were no applications for dispensations from the provisions of the Localism Act 2011.


3/09/17 THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF PURLEIGH PARISH COUNCIL HELD ON 11TH AUGUST 2017 having been circulated to all Members, were approved, and signed by the Chairman.




4.1/09/17 Clerk: The Clerk did not have any matters arising from the August 2017 Parish Council meeting to report to Members.


4.2/09/17 Members’: Members did not have any matters arising from the August 2017 Parish Council meeting to discuss.




5.1/09/17 Decisions taken between meetings: LDE/MAL/17/00870 Occupation of the building as a dwelling. Pale Pitt Farm, Latchingdon Road, Purleigh. Mrs. D’Cruz-Roberts.

The Parish Council had not possessed any information which contradicted that supplied by the applicant.

5.2/09/17 Current Applications: OUT/MAL/17/00877 Outline planning permission with some matters reserved for the demolition of dwelling, granted through application LDE/MAL/16/01289 and construction of replacement dwelling, with new access, outline application with matters of access, siting and scale considered. Annexe, Oakbridge, Marlpits Road, Purleigh. Mr. G. Phillips.


FUL/MAL/17/00962 Retain use of land for the stationing of caravans to accommodate temporary workers, ancillary to meat preparation, packaging and storage and distribution premises. Land at Ben Rigby Game Ltd, Atherstone Lodge, Fambridge Road, Purleigh. Mr. Ben Rigby.

Mr. Potter declared a disclosable interest in this application, being related to the applicant and played no part in the formulation of the Parish Council’s recommendation.

The Parish Council RECOMMENDED REFUSAL on the grounds that the application lacked clarity regarding the number of caravans to be stationed on the land, both now and in the future. The application instead was to ‘retain the use of the land for the stationing of caravans’ rather than for the siting of a specific number. Members had no objection in principle to the provision of temporary accommodation for workers, but the application in its current form was considered too vague and was therefore open to an unacceptable intensification of the proposed use in the future, contrary to Policy H7 of the adopted Maldon District Local Development Plan 2014 - 2029.

HOUSE/MAL/17/00957 Removal of conservatory, conversion of bungalow to two storey dwelling with rooms in roof, single storey rear extensions and alterations. Syringa, Chimney Lane, Purleigh. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes.


5.3/09/17 Notification of appeals:


Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (appeal under s78)

Appeal by: Mr. G. Phillips

Site address: Annexe, Oakbridge, Marlpits Road, Purleigh

Application reference No: OUT/MAL/17/00350

Appeal reference No: APP/X1545/W/17/3177879

Description of development: Outline planning permission with some matters reserved for the demolition of dwelling, granted through application LDE/MAL/16/01289 and construction of replacement dwelling, with new access, outline with matters of access, siting and scale considered.

Members noted that an Appeal had been received by the Planning Inspectorate in respect of Maldon District Council’s decision to refuse to grant planning permission for the above development.

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (appeal under s78)

Appeal by: Mr. and Mrs. G. Brown

Site address: Oakfields House, Hackmans Lane, Purleigh

Application reference No: HOUSE/MAL/17/00299

Appeal reference No: APP/X1545/D/17/3176670

Description of development: One and a half storey side extension to existing residential annexe.


Members noted that the above Appeal had been ALLOWED and that a copy of the Inspector’s decision had been placed in the circulation folder for Members’ information.

5.4/09/17 Maldon District Council planning decisions: Members noted that Maldon District Council had APPROVED the following planning applications:

  • HOUSE/MAL/17/00597 Provision of a vehicle crossing onto the B1010, and off street parking, in the form of permeable paving driveway. Increase of the existing roof pitch from 25 degrees to 35 degrees. Brights Villa, Chelmsford Road.

  • FUL/MAL/17/00587 Change of use from existing veterinary practice to B1. Former veterinary surgery, Chelmsford Road.

  • HOUSE/MAL/17/00849 Loft conversion. Pipkins, Maldon Road.

It was agreed to ask the Planning Authority whether agricultural occupancy conditions were attached to Brights Villa and the neighbouring Glenville in Chelmsford Road, Purleigh, and if they were, whether they were currently being complied with.

5.5/09/17 Other planning matters: North Western Area Planning Committee: It was noted that the Parish Council had been asked if it would like a representative to speak at the committee meeting held on 4th September 2017 on the following application:

  • FUL/MAL/17/00587 Change of use from existing veterinary practice to B1. Former Veterinary Surgery, Chelmsford Road, Purleigh.

Members noted that no one had been available to attend the meeting.

Proposal to introduce Performance Based Navigation (PBN) approach procedures at London Southend Airport: Members noted that following on from the implementation of controlled airspace in April 2015 and the project to implement standard instrument departures, which was still underway, London Southend Airport (LSA) had started the process to introduce RNAV (area navigation) approach procedures.

With modern technology, many commercial aircraft flying in the UK had the potential to use PBN which did not require a ground based infrastructure. This technology gave aircraft the ability to follow a route with a greater level of accuracy than they did today. PBN procedures were recommended by the UK Civil Aviation Authority as part of its future Airspace Strategy.

It was noted that London Southend Airport (LSA) was proposing to submit an Airspace Change Proposal to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for the introduction of PBN Approach Procedures. The procedures that LSA was seeking to introduce did not replace any existing procedures, instead they offered an alternative type of approach for aircraft operating into LSA. The introduction of PBN at LSA was consistent with the Government’s objectives to improve the efficiency of the UK airspace network and to mitigate the environmental impact of aviation.


It was agreed that the Parish Council would not make a formal response but individual Members could comment, having given further consideration to the consultation documents which could be found at:





6.1/09/17 Parking restrictions in The Street: To consider a request from the South Essex Parking Partnership for a financial contribution: Members noted that Colin Barford (Technician Team Leader, South Essex Parking Partnership) had advised the Parish Council that the South Essex Parking Partnership (SEPP) had received a request to provide parking restrictions in The Street, Purleigh. A technician from SEPP had part completed an assessment form but before a final decision was made on the request, had written to seek Members’ views on the Parish Council funding or part funding the proposal, which the assessment form had estimated would cost in the region of £2,000.


It was noted that once SEPP had received the Parish Council’s comments they would be added to the assessment form and discussed with the Lead Councillor and Lead Officer for parking matters for Maldon, so that a local decision could be made.


Before making any decision regarding the request from SEPP for funding towards the proposed parking restrictions, the contents of a letter from affected residents of The Street opposing the proposals in their current form were carefully considered by the Parish Council.


As the current scheme was not a Parish Council initiative, but had been proposed by residents of The Street, and been supported by the Parish Council, it was agreed to suggest to affected residents that before further work was done to progress the scheme, they agreed between themselves where they would like parking restrictions to be imposed. The Parish Council would then consider SEPP’s request for a financial contribution towards the implementation of the scheme.


It was agreed that the Parish Council would write to the residents and SEPP accordingly.


6.2/09/17 To receive the results of the speed survey in Hackmans Lane: Members noted that a two day automatic traffic count had been carried out in two locations in Hackmans Lane commencing on Tuesday, 1st August 2017. The results had been as follows:


Location: 110 metres south of Birchwood Road:


The posted speed limit had been exceeded by 56.2% of northbound vehicles and 80.1% of southbound vehicles.

The average daily speed (based on 2 days) had been 34.4 mph

The average 85th %ile (based on 2 days) had been 39 mph



The average daily speed had been 33 mph

The average 85th %ile had been 37.4 mph



The average daily speed had been 35.7 mph

The average 85th %ile had been 40.5 mph


Location: 100 metres west of Birchwood Road:


The posted speed limit had been exceeded by 42% of northwest bound vehicles and 53% of southeast bound vehicles.

The average daily speed (based on 2 days) had been 31.4 mph

The average 85th %ile (based on 2 days) had been 35.4 mph


Northwest bound:

The average daily speed had been 30.5 mph

The average 85th %ile had been 34.4 mph


Southeast bound:

The average daily speed had been 32.3 mph

The average 85th %ile had been 36.4 mph


The full results were placed in the circulation folder for Members’ information.


6.3/09/17 Other highway matters: TruCam speed camera deployment: Members noted that Adrian Rayner (Community Protection Team Leader, Maldon District Council) had written to the Parish Council explaining that as Members may be aware, the Community Protection Team had been trained by Essex Police to operate TruCam speed cameras, and would be in a position to offer this service to the Parish and Town Councils that it was contracted to.


In order to set up the procedures with Essex Police, the District Council required details of the roads that the Parish Council would like monitored in the parish. These sites would then be registered with Essex Police and allocated a site number to allow for speed enforcement. Mr. Rayner was hoping to have this finalised with Essex Police by early October and his team would then be able to commence with speed patrols.


Members noted that the cost of this service would be £30.60 per hour.


It was agreed to obtain clarification from the District Council that under this scheme the Community Protection Team would be able to issue speeding motorists with Fixed Penalty Notices, unlike Community Speed Watch teams who had no such powers, before reconsidering the matter at the October meeting of the Parish Council.


Proposed diversion of Footpaths 4, 7 and 49 Purleigh and Footpath 8 Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre. S.119 Highways Act: Members noted that further to Essex County Council’s previous consultation with Members on this matter, a 28 day period of public consultation had begun and would end on 29th September 2017. The Parish Council supported the proposed diversions.




7.1/09/17 Children’s play Area: Monthly report: Mr. Ash reported that he had carried out weekly inspections of the children’s play area and that all items of play equipment therein appeared to be in a satisfactory condition.

7.2/09/17 To consider a quotation for installing CCTV in the Pavilion (See Minute 7.3/08/17.): In the absence of Mr. Bardwell no report was given and the matter was deferred to the October meeting.


7.3/09/17 To receive an update on repairs to the away team’s showers: Members noted and approved that given the urgent nature of the repairs, between meetings with the approval of the Parish Council, Mr. Russell (Nestwood Building Services) had been authorised to proceed to repair the wall in the away team’s shower room as per his quotation as follows:

The whole shower wall and window wall to be taken back to the wall studs. The whole area to be stripped back with the plastic sheet being kept intact and, if not, repaired. Sheath the whole area in WPB ply and Aquaclad wall panels fixed to produce a waterproof and permanent wall covering.

Cost for this complete installation materials and labour: £995.00

7.4/09/17 Other playing field and open space matters: Pavilion water boiler: Mr. Rayner and the Chairman updated Members on progress to remove the Marco Water Boiler and install a wall mounted tap in its place from which to fill the new urn.


Ivy at the allotments: Members noted that the Parish Council had received a report that some Ivy had been left in a pile at the front of the allotment site. It was agreed not to take any action at this juncture but to monitor the situation.


The Parish Council reviewed details of the grass cutting contract for Purleigh, as the current contract (awarded to A.G. Macmorland Farming Partnership) was due to expire at the end of the 2017 season.

It was agreed not to amend the contract and to stipulate that contractors must use a cylinder mower (rather than a rotary mower) to minimize the appearance and effect of the grass left behind once cut.

It was also agreed to continue to offer the contract for one year only, in view of the uncertainty contractors faced about the cost of fuel etc.


It was then proposed and agreed to invite the following contractors to tender for the grass cutting and hedge trimming contract for the 2018 season:


A.G. Macmorland Farming Partnership, PG Groundcare Ltd and Maldon District Council.


Members noted that quotations would be opened by the Chairman at the Parish Council meeting due to be held on Friday, 13th October 2017.




Members noted that unfortunately the EALC’s half day’s training on social media to be held on Tuesday, 10th October 2017 had been fully booked, so those Parish Councillors and the Clerk who had wished to attend would have to wait until next year’s course was advertised to book places.


It was noted that the EALC had asked that all its correspondence to clerks was forwarded to individual Parish Councillors. The Parish Council’s normal practice was to include relevant matters in the Clerk’s Notes or Updated Information and put any remaining items in the circulation folder.


It was agreed to continue with current practice.




10.1/09/17 Completion of the external audit of accounts (limited assurance review) for the year ended 31st March 2017 Members noted that PKF Littlejohn LLP had concluded its audit of the Parish Council’s accounts for the financial year 2016/2017 and had concluded that on the basis of its review, in its opinion, the information contained in the Annual Return was in accordance with proper practices and the Audit Commission’s requirements, and that no matters had come to its attention which had given cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements had not been met.

A copy of Section 3 of the Annual Return (External Auditor’s Certificate and Opinion) was given to each Parish Councillor.

Members noted that the successful conclusion of the audit had been advertised on the Parish Council’s notice boards alongside a copy of the completed Annual Return and on the Parish Council’s website.


Timetable for 2017/2018: It was also noted that next year there would be a number of major changes since the new sector-led body, Smaller Authorities’ Audit Appointments Ltd (SAAA) had come into force on 1st April 2017. In line with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 the Parish Council needed to inform the electorate of a single period of 30 working days during which electors’ rights may be exercised and this information needed to be published at least the day before the inspection period commenced. The inspection period must include the first 10 working days of July 2018 (i.e. 2nd to 13th July inclusive) which in practice meant that electors’ rights may be exercised:


  • At the earliest, between Monday, 4th June and Friday, 13th July 2018, and

  • At the latest, between Monday, 2nd July and Friday, 10th August 2018.


The completed Annual Return and associated documents also needed to be submitted to PKF Littlejohn in the usual way by Monday, 11th June 2018.


10.2/09/17 To consider purchasing a wreath for Remembrance Sunday: Members noted that last year the Parish Council had obtained a wreath from Mrs. Maureen Salter, the local contact for the Royal British Legion, which Mr. Ash had laid at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday. Sadly, Mrs. Salter had died a few months ago, but Mr. Bob Bell had taken over her British Legion duties and had offered to organise the wreath for the Parish Council as he was doing for Cold Norton and Danbury.

It was noted and approved that the Parish Council purchase a wreath from the Royal British Legion via Mr. Bell which the Chairman would lay on behalf of the Parish Council at the Remembrance Day Service due to be held on Sunday, 12th November 2017, provided he was available.

10.2/09/17 To receive a report of receipts: Members received a report of the following receipts:


Leonie Back Pavilion hire £30.00


10.3/09/17 To approve payment of accounts between meetings: Members noted and approved that the following account had been paid between meetings, adhering strictly to the procedures outlined in the Parish Council’s Financial Regulation 5.5.


PKF Littlejohn LLP

Audit fee for the year ended



31st March 2017 £200.00  


VAT £40.00  






10.4/09/17 To approve payment of accounts to hand and transfers between bank accounts: It was unanimously agreed to approve payment of the following accounts to hand:



Mrs. Jane Potter

Salary – August 2017 £1,226.00  


Less tax £39.00  

National Insurance


And Pension Contributions




H.M. Revenue & Customs

Tax £39.00  

National Insurance (employees)


National insurance (employers)






Essex Pension Fund

Employee contributions    

(5.8% pensionable pay)


Employer contributions


(16.7% pensionable pay)


Administration charge


(8% employee contributions)




Mrs. R. Dilworth

Pavilion cleaning – August 2017    


20 hours @ £7.50 per hour   £150.00

A.G. Macmorland 

Grass cutting – August £515.00  

   Farming Partnership

VAT £103.00  



Mrs. Jane Potter

Petty Cash – Reimbursement    


Postage   £8.60





Transfers: Members noted and approved the following bank transfer:


  1. On 5th September 2017 the sum of £3,557.39 had been transferred from the Business Premium Account (80731099) to the Community Current Account (40731080) to cover payment of the above accounts, and leave approximately £1,500 in the current account.

Bank reconciliation as at 31st August 2017: A bank reconciliation for the period 1st April 2017 to 31st August 2017 was carried out by Mr. G. Rayner and approved by the Parish Council as follows:

Statement of Accounts:



£77,047.99 Barclays Bank Plc:  


£31,155.27    Current account £230.99


     Business Premium Account £30,327.88


     Historic Buildings Fund £8,768.69


     Miss Pawsey’s Legacy £6,515.16


________ Petty Cash £50.00


£45,892.72   £45,892.72





Dengie Hundred Group of Parish Councils: Members noted that the next meeting of the group would be held on 20th September 2017 in The Village Hall, Bradwell on Sea, CM0 7QJ, at 8.00 p.m.


Mr. Rayner agreed to attend the meeting on behalf of the Parish Council.


EALC: Members were reminded that the AGM and EALC and Essex County Council joint Conference would be held on 19th September 2017. The AGM commenced at 12 noon and the conference took place between 2.30 p.m. and 4.15 p.m.


New Councillor Training days: Members noted that the next councillor training days would take place as follows:


Councillor Training day 1 – Saturday, 10th February 2018

Councillor Training day 2 – Saturday, 17th February 2018


At a cost of £90 per delegate per day.





Members did not have any points of information to share.




Consideration was given to the crime and disorder implications of all decisions made at this meeting.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.35 p.m.