ON FRIDAY, 10th NOVEMBER 2017, AT 7.00 P.M.


Members present: Mr. G. Rayner (Chairman), Mr. C. Ash, Mr. S. Bardwell, Mr. S. Potter, Mr. G. Strathern.

Also in attendance: Mrs. Jane Potter (Clerk).

Mr. John Archer and Miss Sue White (District Council Ward Members), Mrs. Penny Channer (County Council Ward Member) and Mr. Mark Heard (District Councillor) attended the public session prior to the start of the meeting, as did Christina Chan and Rachel Moore (Purleigh Community Fund) and six members of the public.

During the public session Cllr. Heard explained the role of an independent District Council Ward Member to those present, offering support and encouragement if anyone chose to stand as an independent candidate at the next election, and Christina Chan and Rachel Moore updated the Parish Council on the Purleigh Community Fund’s plans to upgrade the Children’s Play Area.

Six members of the public attended part of the meeting.



 Apologies were received from Mr. N. Arthur and Mr. B. Oliver who were unable to attend the meeting due to prior personal engagements.

 In the absence of Mr. Arthur, the Vice Chairman Mr. Rayner, took the Chair.



 There were no new declarations of interest made, nor were there any applications for dispensations from the provisions of the Localism Act 2011.


 3/11/17 THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF PURLEIGH PARISH COUNCIL HELD ON 13TH OCTOBER 2017 having been circulated to all Members, were approved, and signed by the Chairman.



 4.1/11/17 Clerk: 8/10/17 To award the grass cutting contract for the 2018 season: Members noted that A. G. Macmorland Farming Partnership had accepted the grass cutting contract in Purleigh for the 2018 season.

 4.2/11/17 Members’: Members did not have any matters arising from the October 2017 Parish Council meeting to discuss.



 5.1/11/17 Decisions taken between meetings: FUL/MAL/17/01071 Variation of conditions 13 & 14 on approved planning permission FUL/MAL/09/00250 (Re-instatement of airfield and erection of 2no. aircraft hangers to match former buildings on site) Stow Maries Aerodrome, Hackmans Lane, Cold Norton. The Trustees, Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome.

 Proposed new condition 13: No more than 4 public events which include a programme of flying displays (to be known as Special Public Flying Events) shall take place in any calendar year. Such events shall not exceed 2 consecutive days. Such events shall be organised in accordance with a scheme to be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

 Proposed new condition 14: There shall be no more than 4,200 aircraft movements (defined as take off or landing) undertaken from the site during any one calendar year (1st Jan to 31st Dec) This annual limit to be subject to a daily limit in any 24 hour period of 30 movements (15 take offs and 15 landings) apart from days on which Special Public Flying Events take place when the movement limit shall be 120 movements (60 take offs and 60 landings) unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority.

 The Parish Council recognised the significance and historic importance of the aerodrome which was exceptionally rare and of outstanding importance to national heritage. The site therefore had huge commemorative value as well as an important role to play in education and training. Members also acknowledged the importance of the aerodrome to the District, in terms of its contribution to the local economy via increased tourism and by contributing to its ‘Sense of Place’.

 embers also understood the Trustees’ need to increase revenue from the site, but strongly believed that this should not be achieved in ways which were detrimental to the amenities and quality of life of the nearby communities who had supported the restoration of the aerodrome since 2007 and who had freely given their time, skills and money to conserve the site as a memorial, museum and educational facility.

 The Parish Council RECOMMENDED REFUSAL on the following grounds:

  1.  The system for monitoring aircraft numbers and movements currently in place, and most importantly the ability to enforce the limits on them, was inadequate to deal with the number of take offs and landings proposed, and if allowed to proceed the application would be detrimental to the amenities of nearby property owners and the locality in general, contrary to Policies D1 and D3 of the Local Development Plan 2014-2029 (relating to Conservation and Heritage Assets and Design Quality and Built Environment respectively).
  2. The number of flights proposed was too high and would set a dangerous precedent, paving the way for greater intensification of the use of the site and its commercialisation in the future. The proposal was therefore contrary to Policies D1 and D3 of the submitted Local Development Plan 2014-2029 and could alter the ‘unchanged rural setting’ cited in the Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement when describing the significance of the aerodrome (Point 3.2 Summary of significance).

  3. The application, if approved, would have an adverse impact on the nature and use of the nearby public footpath, leading to increased temporary closures (authorised and otherwise), and a risk to public safety.

 5.2/11/17 Current Applications: FUL/MAL/17/01128 Application to carry out preliminary ground investigations and associated works in connection with a potential new nuclear power station at Bradwell-on-Sea, use existing building as core storage area and form site compound with associated parking area. Land East of Bradwell Power Station, Downhall Beach, Bradwell-on-Sea. Dr. Stephen Mannings.

 The Parish Council agreed not to comment on this application, being outside the parish.

 OUT/MAL/17/01129 Erection of two bungalows. Land at Pine Lodge, Junction Road, Cold Norton. Mr. F. Bruschweiler.

 The Parish Council RECOMMENDED REFUSAL on the following grounds: 

  1. The proposed development lies beyond defined settlement boundaries and is therefore contrary to Policies S1 and S8 of the Maldon District Approved Local Development Plan 2014-2029 which seek to provide control over new buildings in rural areas outside the development boundary and to ensure that new residential developments are directed to appropriate and sustainable locations.

OUT/MAL/17 01126 Outline planning application for a second house of 4 bedrooms on the remaining part of the plot. Sunnyside, Cold Norton Road, Purleigh. Mr. Alex Milbourn.

 The Parish Council RECOMMENDED REFUSAL on the following grounds: 

  1. The proposed development lies beyond defined settlement boundaries and is therefore contrary to Policies S1 and S8 of the Maldon District Approved Local Development Plan 2014-2029 which seek to provide control over new buildings in rural areas outside the development boundary and to ensure that new residential developments are directed to appropriate and sustainable locations.

 FUL/MAL/17/01160 Erection of two bedroom chalet bungalow with associated cart lodge, access and amenity. Land adjacent Sunnycot, Chelmsford Road, Purleigh. Mr. T. Selfe.

 The Parish Council RECOMMENDED APPROVAL, there being three votes in favour and two votes against the proposed development.

 OUT/MAL/17/ 01191 Outline planning permission for the construction of replacement dwelling. Park House, Maldon Road, Latchingdon. Mr. Ian Maher.

 The contents of letters from the occupiers of two nearby residential properties OBJECTING to this application were noted by Members.

 The Parish Council RECOMMENDED REFUSAL on the following grounds: 

  1. The plans submitted were inaccurate with regard to the driveway (section 3), the size of the site compared with that featured in previous applications (sections 1 and 2), transport links (section 5) and the building line (section 4) and were therefore misleading and invalid.

  2. The application, if permitted, would lead to overdevelopment of the site, which was only suitable for one modest dwelling in keeping with the existing street scene. Such overdevelopment would therefore be detrimental to the character of the area, the street scene and its residents, and to the locality in general, contrary to Policies D1 and H4 of the Maldon District Approved Local Development Plan 2014 – 2029, which states that any proposed replacement dwelling should be of ‘an appropriate scale to the plot and its setting in the landscape’.

  3. The proposed development by reason of its siting and scale would result in a contrived and cramped development which would be out of character with the development in the street scene, to the detriment of the character and appearance of the area, and would fail to enhance the locality, contrary to Policy D1 of the Maldon District Approved Local Development Plan 2014 – 2029 and guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework.

  4. The access arrangements for the proposed dwelling would be detrimental to highway safety, given the site’s proximity to the Mapledean Industrial Estate opposite and the nature and topography of Maldon Road. The driveway referred to in section 3 being in fact a private road not in the ownership of the applicant.

  5. The development, if allowed to proceed, would be harmful to the amenity of the surrounding area and most importantly that of neighbouring property owners contrary to Policy D1 of the Maldon District Approved Local Development Plan 2014 – 2029. In addition, the building line of other properties in the vicinity had not been respected, creating incongruity contrary to Policy H4 of the Maldon District Approved Local Development Plan 2014 – 2029.

 FUL/MAL/17/01190 Erection of replacement dwelling and garage following the demolition of existing dwelling and garage. Greenmead Cottage, Walton Hall Lane, Purleigh. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert.


 The Parish Council regretted that Greenmead Cottage would be lost, given its age and historic value, but as it wasn’t listed it did not have any protection from redevelopment. Members understood that Maldon District Council was working on a local list of properties which, whilst not fulfilling the criteria for listing, were of historic, architectural or other value, and should therefore be given a greater degree of protection.

 TCA/MAL/17/01280 T3 Willow – Fell. The Old Gatehouse, The Street, Purleigh. Mr. C. Platman.


 5.3/11/17 Notification of appeals:

 Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (appeal under s78)

Appeal by: The Trustees, Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome Trust

Site address: Stow Maries Aerodrome, Hackmans Lane, Cold Norton

Application reference No: FUL/MAL/16/001142

Appeal reference No: APP/X1545/W/17/3182321

Description of development: Planning application for operational arrangements for the use of the Airfield at Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome including hours of operation, restrictions on the number of take offs and landings, and arrangements for Special Public Event days. The arrangements to be as follows: The airstrip to be used by fixed wing and propeller driven aircraft, helicopters, apart from emergency services machines, may only use the site in the event of emergency or during Public Event days. Take offs and landings only after 08.00 hours and no later than either 20.00 hours, or sunset whichever is earlier. In the winter months (November to April inclusive) there shall be no more than 25 landings and 25 take offs per day. In the summer months (May to October inclusive) there shall be no more than 25 landings and 25 take offs on weekdays. In the summer months (May to October inclusive) there shall be a maximum of 50 landings and take offs per day at weekends and bank holidays apart from Special Public Event Flying days when maximum landings and take offs are increased to 75 take offs and 75 landings per day.

 Members noted that with the agreement of Members between meetings, the Parish Council had written to the Planning Inspectorate adding to its recommendation on Planning Application FUL/MAL/16/001142 submitted to Maldon District Council. The Parish Council asked the Inspector to note that when it had made its recommendation, Members had been unaware that on 12th April 2017 the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had issued a permission for any aircraft approved by a person nominated by the CAA to fly below a height of 500 feet above ground for the purposes of flying display, practice or rehearsal within a defined zone around the airfield (not limited to Special Public Event days). This long term exemption had not been taken into account in the noise assessment submitted with the original plans, nor had the detrimental effect it may have on nearby residents in terms of noise and disturbance been acknowledged.

Lower flying aircraft were clearly likely to generate more noise, especially when circling, practising and rehearsing. The Long Term Exemption therefore invalidated the applicant’s noise study undertaken in March 2017 and in practical terms meant that if the Appeal were allowed, any day could become a Special Public Event Day because of the volume of movements applied for, causing unacceptable disturbance and distress to nearby residents (and users of the bridleway and footpath).

 The Parish Council had therefore urged the Inspector to dismiss the Appeal.

 5.4/11/17 Maldon District Council planning decisions: Members noted that Maldon District Council had REFUSED to grant planning permission for the following development: 

  • OUT/MAL/17/00877 Outline planning permission with some matters reserved for the demolition of dwelling, granted through application LDE/MAL/16/01289 and construction of replacement dwelling, with new access, outline application with matters of access, siting and scale considered. Annexe, Oakbridge, Marlpits Road.

  • HOUSE/MAL/17/00957 Removal of conservatory, conversion of bungalow to two storey dwelling with rooms within roof, single storey rear extension and alterations. Syringa, Chimney Lane.

 5.5/11/17 Other planning matters: Agricultural occupancy conditions and compliance, Glenville and Brights Villa, Chelmsford Road: Members noted that investigations by the Planning Enforcement Section, Maldon District Council, had commenced into the possible breach of conditions relating to agricultural occupancy at Glenville (17/00423/BC) and Brights Villa (17/00425/BC) Chelmsford Road.

 FUL/MAL/17/01069 & LBC/MAL/17/01070 Proposed extension to existing public house with internal and external alterations and replacement doors and windows. The Bell Public House, The Street, Purleigh. Members noted that comments OBJECTING to these applications from a nearby resident had been circulated to Members between meetings at the request of the resident concerned.

 A copy of a letter OBJECTING to the applications had also been placed in the circulation folder for Members’ information.

 Maldon District Council Committee Structure Review, changes to the Parish Trigger: Members noted that at its meeting held on 2nd November 2017, Maldon District Council had approved that the current Town and Parish Council Trigger be replaced by Ward Member call in to Area Planning Committees. This meant that the current system, whereby if a Parish or Town Council objected to a planning application which had been recommended for approval by an Officer the application was determined by the relevant Area Planning Committee, would no longer apply. In future Parish or Town Councils with concerns about an application could contact an Area Planning Committee Member who could then agree to call in the application, or not, to the relevant Area Planning Committee, provided there were sound planning reasons for doing so.

 The report of the Chief Executive to the District Council on this subject was placed in the circulation folder for Members’ information.

 It was agreed to ask Sue White and John Archer (District Council Ward Members) to refer all applications that the Parish Council recommended be refused to the area planning committee, if Officers recommended they be approved.

 Maldon District Approved Local development Plan 2014 – 2029: Members noted that the Parish Council now had a copy of the approved plan and policies maps.



 6.1/11/17 Parking restrictions in The Street: Members noted that Colin Barford (Technical Team Leader, SEPP) would complete a Traffic Regulation Order assessment for the revised proposals (see Minute 6.1/10/17) and submit it to the Lead Officer for parking matters for the Maldon District for a local decision.

 6.2/11/17 Speed Indicator Device, Hackmans Lane: It was noted that since the Parish Council’s intervention, the Speed Indicator Device (SID) in Hackmans Lane had been repaired. Apparently its battery had been flat. The SID in Fambridge Road remained broken.

 6.3/11/17 Other highway matters: Sale of motor vehicles from the highway verge in front of 2, Silsons Cottages, Fambridge Road: Members noted that a variety of cars were being advertised for sale, usually one or two at a time, at this location which was adjacent to the Roundbush lay-by at the junction of Burnham Road with Fambridge Road.

 It was agreed to inform Essex County Council and ask that appropriate action be taken.

 Damage to roadside verge, The Street: Members noted that the grass verge opposite The Bell between the entrance to Foxgloves and Turnstone’s boundary had been severely damaged over time by vehicles, and lately by the contractors working on the new build next to Eveleigh House parking on it. The verge was an important part of Purleigh’s conservation area being opposite the Grade 1 Listed All Saints Church and The Bell Public House and was the part of Purleigh which attracted most visitors to the parish. As such, its present condition gave a poor impression of Purleigh and detracted from the aesthetic appeal of this picturesque and historically important hilltop location. It was therefore agreed that the restoration and subsequent protection of the grass verge was highly desirable.

 To this end it was agreed that Mr. Potter, Mr. Bardwell and Mr. Strathern would meet on site to draw up plans to reinstate and kerb the verge. S.P Bardwell Ltd would then be asked to provide the Parish Council with an estimate for the work required.

 Once the estimate had been received, the Clerk would write to Essex County Council’s Highway Department asking them to approve the works which the Parish Council would offer to part fund. The Clerk would also write to E.J. Taylor & Sons, the contractors working at Eveleigh House, asking them to make a financial contribution towards the project as well. The Parish Council believed this project would be a good use of Miss Pawsey’s legacy, as in life she had always been very keen to protect and enhance important areas of the parish.



 7.1/11/17 Children’s play Area: Monthly report: Mr. Ash reported that that he had carried out weekly inspections of the children’s play area and that all items of play equipment therein appeared to be in a satisfactory condition, although the moles were becoming increasingly active.

7.2/11/17 To consider options for installing CCTV in the Pavilion: Members noted that Mr. Bardwell had met with Paul Bradshaw from Bradling Security on Monday, 30th October at the Pavilion, to discuss the provision of CCTV for both the Pavilion and, at a later date, for a camera down at the play area.

 Mr. Bradshaw had subsequently provided the following quotations for both a CCTV system with monitor, and a small alarm system as he felt the latter could be something that would be needed to protect the CCTV equipment itself.

 Recording equipment:

Item 1

Supply install 1 x Dahua DH1-XVR5108 8 Channel recorder, Supports up to 8 x HDCVI/CVBS/HDTVI/AHD cameras and up to 4 x IP cameras. H.264+/H.264 compression, Powerful smart phone surveillance supporting iPhone and Android, manual/sensor/schedule/motion detect, HDMI 1080P output. Back up by USB/Network, Includes 3TB hard drive optional 6TB available. Installed in an agreed position in the reception area.

 Dome Style HDCVI Cameras:

Item 2

Supply install 4 x Dahua DH-HAC-HDBW1200E, 2MP Dome style cameras, full HD1080p/720P video, 2.8 fixed lens, DC12volt, High performance LED Up to 30m IR range in ideal conditions,

 Camera 1 Installed front corner of building to provide a field of view across the front of the pavilion area, (2.8 lens)

Camera 2 Installed front corner of building provide a field of view of the parking area, (2.8 lens)

Camera 3 Installed rear left corner of building provide a field of view of the rear foot path entrance area, (2.8 lens)

Camera 4 Installed rear right corner of building provide a field of view of the rear of the garage area,

(2.8 lens)

Cameras 5, 6, 7 & 8 spare

 Item 3

Supply install 1 x Vigilant PD195LED-AHD Monitor, max resolution 1920 x 1080, Connectivity HD-TVI, HD-CVI.AHD 1 x BNC/VGA, 1 x HDMI. Installed in an agreed position.

 Supply and install commission HDCVI CCTV system: £1,214.75 + VAT

 Intruder alarm:

Detection devices:

Item No. 1, Zone 1, Entry exit: Supply install 1 x CQR Heavy duty surface mount magnetic door contact, to the single leaf entrance door (Grade of component 2 Environmental Classification 2)

 Item No. 2, Zone 2, Entry route: Supply install 1 x Pyronix KX15DT Passive infrared/microwave detector, to the rear right corner of the reception area (Grade of component 2 Environmental Classification 2)

 Item No. 3, Zone 3, Instant alarm: Supply install 1 x Pyronix KX15DT Passive infrared/microwave detector, to the rear left corner of the Hall area (Grade of component 2 Environmental Classification 2)

 Control equipment:

Item No.4, Supply install 1 x Gardtec 595 series control panel, 10 x on-board zones, 30 x user codes, 250 event log, 1 x full set & 3 x part sets (Component Grade 2, Environmental Class 11)

 Item No.5, Supply install 1 x Gardtec 595 LCD Keypad (Component Grade 2, Environmental Class 11)

 Warning Devices:

Item No. 6, Supply install 1 x Eaton SDR-REXT wireless sounder; will be installed on the front elevation, includes 100db sounder, flashing LED comfort lights, Strobe light. (Component Grade 2, Environmental Class 1V, BS8243 Compliant)

 Item No. 7, Supply install 1 x Eaton SDR-DEXT decoy sounder; will be installed on the rear elevation, Includes flashing comfort LED’s (Component Grade 2, Environmental Class 1V, BS8243 Compliant)

 Supply and install commission system: £300 + VAT

 Members noted that further technical details to be considered in conjunction with the above quotation had been emailed to Members on 6th November, so that they could be considered prior to the meeting.

 It was agreed to accept Bradling Security’s quotation to supply and install commission HDCVI CCTV system: in the sum of £1,214.75 + VAT.

 It was also agreed that rather than installing an alarm system, in the interim to try to improve security at the pavilion, the Parish Council would consider installing a new lock with keys that could only be duplicated by a restricted number of identifiable persons. The Clerk would obtain clarification from the Parish Council’s insurance company on the recommended specification of lock required, and Mr. Bardwell agreed to pass the Clerk details of companies who supplied the type of keys described, for further consideration at the December Parish Council meeting.

 7.3/11/17 Repairs to the away team’s shower room: Members noted that Mr. Russell (Nestwood Building Services Ltd) had completed the repairs to the shower room, which was now fully operational.

 7.4/11/17 Maintenance of the War Memorial Garden: Members noted that Mr. and Mrs. Challis had advised that they would no longer be maintaining the war memorial garden after 12th November 2017. Members noted that Mr. Arthur had contacted Mrs. Challis to thank her for her and Mr. Challis’s care of the war memorial garden over the past years, which had been greatly appreciated by the Parish Council, parishioners and visitors to Purleigh alike.

 It was agreed to write and formally thank Mr. and Mrs. Challis for all their hard work and care in maintaining the war memorial garden since they took over responsibility for looking after the garden in 2005.

 It was also agreed that whilst in the vicinity (See Minute 6.3/11/17 above), Mr. Bardwell, Mr. Potter and Mr. Strathern would review the War Memorial Garden and assess whether an irrigation system could be implemented, should the Parish Council choose to plant some shrubs etc. in it at a later date.

 7.5/11/17 Other playing field and open space matters: Hire of the Pavilion, Purleigh Cricket Club 2017 season: Members noted that based on the information provided to the Bookings Secretary at the start of the season the Parish Council had invoiced the Cricket Club as follows for the 2017 season:

 9 home games on the Saturdays from 6th May to 2nd September        

1 Sunday game

4 midweek home games on 6th June, 4th July, 11th July and 8th August.

 14 matches @ £52.50 per match                     £735.00

 The Cricket Club had subsequently advised that for various reasons President’s day had not gone ahead and two midweek games had been cancelled due to the weather, so only 11 home games had been played (£577.50).

 It was agreed that when reviewing the pavilion letting agreements in February 2018 to include a clause about giving the Bookings secretary suitable notice if matches are cancelled and the facilities therefore become available for hire to another party. 

Overgrown Maple in the Churchyard: Members noted that some residents of The Street had written to the Parish Council expressing their concern about an overgrown Maple in the Churchyard.

 It was agreed that Mr. Potter, Mr. Bardwell and Mr. Strathern would assess the condition of the Maple and the work required to make it safe during their site meeting in The Street (see Minute 6.3/11/17 above).

 Water boiler and replacement urn: Members noted that Mr. Arthur had removed and disposed of the broken Marco Water boiler and in its place had installed a new tap from which the replacement urn could be filled, which had also involved retiling a section of the wall. Mr. Arthur was thanked in his absence for his help in this regard.

 Missing step ladder: Members noted that a wooden step ladder which had always been kept in the pavilion had been removed, possibly stolen. It was agreed to ask if anyone had borrowed it or had information as to its whereabouts in an article for next available edition of the Parish Magazine.

 Purleigh Community Fund - Plans to refurbish the Children’s Play Area: The Parish Council commended the Purleigh Community Fund on their presentation to Members prior to the start of the meeting and noted the contents of the project status report given out. The survey carried out by the group which had elicited one hundred responses had highlighted that more seating and better play facilities were desired.

 To progress stages one and two of the project, the group had asked the Parish Council to consider funding the drawing up of plans by a professional landscape architect/park designer (estimated cost £3,000) and provide four picnic tables (estimated cost £1,100) and two more litter bins.

 The group would also like the Parish Council to fund half the estimated cost of the remaining upgrade (stage three) of approximately £25,000.

 Whilst the Parish Council would clearly need to have more in depth discussions with the group about its proposals, it was agreed to include the provision of picnic tables and litter bins in the list of projects to be considered during the precept discussions to be held in January 2018.

 It was also agreed to write and thank the group for attending the meeting and reporting on their progress to date.



 8.1/11/17 To receive a report of the independent review of the accounts for the period 1st April 2017 to 30th September 2017: Members noted that on 26th October 2017 John Smith-Daye, a member of Lambert Chapman LLP, had carried out tests suggested by the Audit Commission in Section 4 of the Annual Report to the external auditor in respect of the period 1st April 2017 to 30th September 2017, and had reviewed the Parish Council’s internal financial controls and systems.

 There had not been any issues which needed drawing to the Parish Council’s attention at this time. As usual Mr. Smith-Daye’s report on the audit had been sent directly to the Chairman.

 Members asked for it to be recorded in the Minutes that Mr. Smith-Daye had informed the chairman that:

 ‘ … Once again, I must report that the records have been kept meticulously by your Clerk and the trail of transactions and evidence made available was of the highest standard. …’

 8.2/11/17 To approve expenditure for Councillor training: The Parish Council considered a list of training courses which various Members wished to attend.

 It was agreed to approve payment for the following training courses:



Course description




23rd January 2018

Data Protection Regulations Briefing



17th March 2018

Councillor Training Day 1

Colin Ash


9th May 2018 (to be confirmed)

Chairman’s Training Day 1

Steven Bardwell


24th May 2018

Routine Playground Inspection

Colin Ash


13th June 2018 (to be confirmed)

Chairman’s Training Day 2

Steven Bardwell



Members also noted that the social media course due to take place on 6th February 2018 had been renamed ‘Facebook for Absolute Beginners’. It was agreed that the Clerk would no longer attend.

 8.3/11/17 To receive a report of receipts: Members received a report of the following receipts:


Mr. G. Rayner

Allotment rental   £25.00

Purleigh Cricket Club

Fees 2017 season £577.50  


Ground rent – Shed £5.00 £582.50

South Woodham Ferrers

Fees 2017 season   £480.00

   Cricket Club



Pavilion hire for the period    


1st July to 30th September inclusive   £127.50

H.M. Revenue & Customs

VAT refund for the period    


1st July to 30th September inclusive   £2,607.13





 8.4/11/17 To approve payment of accounts between meetings: Members noted and approved that the following accounts had been paid between meetings, adhering strictly to the procedures outlined in the Parish Council’s Financial Regulation 5.5.


Maldon District Council

Parking enforcement - Pump Lane £45.90  


VAT £9.18  





 8.5/11/17 To approve payment of accounts to hand and transfers between bank accounts: It was unanimously agreed to approve payment of the following accounts to hand:


Mrs. Jane Potter

Salary – October 2017 £1,226.00  

Less tax

Less tax


National Insurance

National Insurance


And Pension Contributions

And Pension Contributions




H.M. Revenue & Customs 

Tax £39.00  

National Insurance (employees)


National insurance (employers)




Essex Pension Fund

Employee contributions    

(5.8% pensionable pay)


Employer contributions


(16.7% pensionable pay)


Administration charge


(8% employee contributions)




Mrs. R. Dilworth

Pavilion cleaning – October 2017    


20 hours @ £7.50 per hour   £150.00

R. Rapley

Website Maintenance    


July to September 2017   £65.00





AG Macmorland

Grass cutting – September 2017 £665.00  

   Farming Partnership

VAT £133.00  



RBS Invoice Finance Ltd

Photocopying £15.78  


VAT £3.16  



RBS Invoice Finance Ltd

Printer toner x 2 £135.66  







Mr. S. Russell

Works to pavilion shower room    

(as per quotation dated 21/08/17))


Additional cost to 2 shower units




NWG Business

Water re: Pavilion and Playing field    


(April to October)   £54.69

NWG Business

Water re: Allotments    


(April to October)   £267.71

Mrs. J. Potter

Petty cash reimbursement    


Postage   £9.72





 Transfers: Members noted that there had not been any funds transferred between the Parish Council’s bank accounts between meetings.

 Bank reconciliation as at 31st October 2017: A bank reconciliation for the period 1st April 2017 to 31st October 2017 was carried out carried out by the Chairman and approved by the Parish Council as follows:

 Statement of Accounts:



£82,227.73 Barclays Bank Plc:  


£35,930.41 Current account £5,372.23

Business Premium Account


Historic Buildings Fund


Miss Pawsey’s Legacy



________  Petty Cash £50.00


£46,297.32   £46,297.32




 Maldon District Council

Carol Service

Members noted that the Chairman of the District Council, Councillor Henry Bass had invited the Chairman or representative of the Parish Council and a guest to join him on Friday, 8th December, at 4.30 p.m. in a service of Nine Lessons and Carols at St Leonard’s Church, Southminster.  RSVP's were needed by 10th November.
 Rough Sleepers Estimate

Members noted that Maldon District Council was currently preparing to submit its annual figure to the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) indicating the number of people sleeping rough in the district. 

 Based upon previous and current information the District Council believed the level of rough sleeping was very low in the Maldon District and so it had chosen to submit an estimate again this year and would appreciate the Parish Council’s assistance in making this estimate as robust as possible. 

 This year the District Council had decided to base the estimate on those reported to be rough sleeping on the night of Wednesday, 15th November 2017.

 Members agreed to let the Clerk know if they knew of any rough sleepers in the parish on the night in question.

 Sense of Place Branding

Members noted that the District Council was offering Parish Councils and local businesses the opportunity to use ‘The Maldon District Branding (Sense of Place)’ which was designed to positively promote the Maldon District as a great place to live, work and enjoy. This included sense of place branding and graphic language (business seals, tourism seals, cards, email signatures, DL leaflets etc.) which were free of charge once your organisation had joined, except the font which had to be paid for. Example materials were placed in the circulation folder for Members’ information or Members could visit www.wearemaldondistrict.co.uk to find out more.

 Heybridge Parish Council

The Chairman of Heybridge Parish Council warmly invited the Chairman or representative of the Parish Council and a guest to attend a Christmas drinks reception on Friday, 1st December 2017 in the Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, Heybridge, CM9 4AL at 8.00 p.m. As this was an informal occasion no badges or chains of office to be worn. RSVP’s were required by 17th November to clerk@heybridgeparishcouncil.gov.uk Tel: 01621 852471.

 It was agreed that Mr. Bardwell and guest would attend on behalf of the Parish Council if he was available.

 Fighting Rural Crime Event

Members noted that an event exploring the issues surrounding rural crime organised by Essex Police, Essex Rural Partnership and the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex was taking place at Stow Maries Aerodrome on Thursday, 16th November from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. 

 Maldon & District CVS

A stress buster afternoon: Members noted that a free event had been arranged on Wednesday, 29th November from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. at Maldon & District Voluntary Service Office, The Square, Heybridge, CM9 4ER (behind Le Bouchon) to help people:

  • Recognise and manage stress
  • Challenge negative thoughts

  • Enjoy a balanced lifestyle

 Bookings were required via 01621 851891 or linda@maldoncvs.org.uk



 Dengie Hundred Group of Parish Councils Annual Quiz: Members were reminded that the Dengie Hundred Group of Parish Councils’ annual quiz for the John Mardon trophy would take place on Wednesday, 22nd November at Southminster Bowls Club, CMO 7EW at 7.30 p.m. for 8.00 p.m. Purleigh were the current holders of the trophy and had entered a team. Members were encouraged to attend.

 Commemorative booklet: Mr. Potter explained that as 2018 would mark 100 years since the end of the First World War he had been researching the fallen whose names were inscribed on the War Memorial with the view of completing a booklet about them and the war memorial itself for publication. Whilst Mr. Potter was prepared to pay for the booklet to be printed if necessary, he hoped that if Members approved it could be published under the Parish Council’s name to lend the work gravitas.

 A first draft was placed in the circulation folder for Members’ consideration.


 Consideration was given to the crime and disorder implications of all decisions made at this meeting.

 There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50 p.m.