ON FRIDAY, 9th AUGUST 2019 AT 7.00 P.M.


Members present: Mr. G. Rayner (Chairman), Mr. N. Arthur, Mr. C. Ash, Mr. S. Bardwell, Mr. S. Potter and Mr. G. Strathern.


Also in attendance: Mrs. Jane Potter (Clerk).


Mrs. Jane Fleming (District Council Ward Member) attended the public session prior to the start of the meeting as did Libby Johns (Purleigh Community Fund) and Bernard Steeples (Purleigh Playing Field Committee).


During the public session Cllr. Fleming sought Members’ views on the possible relocation of the District Council’s Offices and Mr. Steeples highlighted some highway issues in the parish, updated the meeting on the PPFA’s progress in improving the appearance of the village pond and advised the Parish Council that he had some neighbourhood watch signs, should a suitable location for them be identified.


Cllr. Fleming, Libby Johns and Bernard Steeples attended part of the meeting.




Apologies were received from Mr. B. Oliver who was unable to attend the meeting due to a prior personal commitment and from Miss Sue White (District Council Ward Member) and Mrs. Penny Channer (County Council Ward Member) who were also unable to attend due to prior commitments.


Mr. Bardwell apologised as he would have to leave the meeting early due to a prior personal engagement. Mr. Bardwell left the meeting after discussion of Agenda item 7.2/08/19.




Members noted that Mr. Potter had declared an interest in Agenda item 5.1/08/19 regarding application OUT/MAL/19/00740, being related to the applicant, and had played no part in the formulation of the Parish Council’s recommendation.


Mr. Ash declared an interest in Agenda item 5.2/08/19 regarding application FUL/MAL/19/00746, being friends with the applicants and played no part in the formulation of the Parish Council’s recommendation.


There were no applications for dispensations from the provisions of the Localism Act 2011.


3/09/19 THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF PURLEIGH PARISH COUNCIL HELD ON 12TH JULY 2019 having been circulated to all Members, were approved, and signed by the Chairman.




4.1/08/19 Clerk: The Clerk did not have any matters of information arising from the July 2019 Parish Council meeting to report to Members.


4.2/08/19 Members’: Members did not have any matters of information arising from the July 2019 Parish Council meeting to discuss.




5.1/08/19 Decisions taken between meetings: OUT/MAL/19/00740 Outline application to demolish chalet bungalow and detached double garage. Erection of 6no. dwellings to provide accommodation for seasonal workers ancillary to the premises at the rear. Matters for consideration, the layout of the parking area, stop up vehicular access off Fambridge Road and form new vehicular access off Ben Rigby Game Limited private drive, with associated hard and soft landscaping works. All other matters are reserved. Atherstone Lodge, Fambridge Road, Mundon, Essex.

The Parish Council RECOMMENDED REFUSAL, on the following grounds:


  1. The size and nature of the proposed dwellings was not commensurate with the needs of the enterprise concerned, contrary to Policy H7 of the Approved Local Development Plan, the accommodation being more permanent than temporary in nature and appearance.

  2. As such, the application site lay within a rural location outside a defined settlement boundary where policies of restraint applied. The District Council could demonstrate a five year housing land supply to accord with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and the site had not been identified within the Maldon District Local Development Plan by the Planning Authority for development to meet future needs in the District. The site was also poorly located relative to facilities, services and sustainable modes of transport and was therefore contrary to policies S1, S8, D1 and H4 of the Maldon District Local Development Plan and guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework.


5.2/08/19 Current applications: FUL/MAL/19/00735 Variation of condition 3 on approved planning permission FUL/MAL/18/00514 (Demolition of Park House and construction of replacement dwelling, access to Maldon Road, parking and gardens) to change the previously approved roof material. Park House, Maldon Road, Latchingdon.




HOUSE/MAL/19/00776 Replacement of existing garage with new garage with storage/games room over. Chesters, Howe Green Road, Purleigh.




FUL/MAL/19/00746 Reconstruction of barn destroyed by a storm. Woodside, Hyde Chase, Woodham Mortimer.




FUL/MAL/19/00808 Demolition of existing B1 office and construction of new dwelling house including change of use to residential. Former Veterinary Surgery, Chelmsford Road. Purleigh.


The Parish Council RECOMMENDED REFUSAL on the following grounds:


  1. The proposed development, by virtue of the application site and the development’s layout, scale, bulk and design, would appear cramped, visually inharmonious, conspicuous and demonstrably discordant within the street scene to the detriment of the locality's character, contrary to policy D1 of the Maldon District Local Development Plan, principles contained within the Maldon District Design Guide and guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework. Furthermore, the proposal would substantially alter the character and intrinsic beauty of the countryside, particularly through the introduction of domestic paraphernalia to this rural site.

  2. The increased use of a poor access that the development, if approved, would lead to would be detrimental to highway safety and given the poor sight lines would endanger not only the occupants of the new dwelling but also other road users.

  3. The application site lay within a rural location outside of a defined settlement boundary where policies of restraint applied. The Council could demonstrate a five year housing land supply to accord with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and the site had not been identified by the Council for development to meet future needs for the District, nor did it fall within either a Garden Suburb or Strategic Allocation for growth identified within the Maldon District Local Development Plan to meet the objectively assessed needs for housing in the District.

  4. The site was poorly located relative to facilities, services and sustainable modes of transport.

  5. The development would therefore be unacceptable, did not constitute sustainable development and was contrary to policies S1, S2, S8, E1, D1 and H4 of the Maldon District Local Development Plan and Government advice contained within the National Planning Policy Framework.


5.3/08/19 Notification of appeals: Members noted that the Parish Council had not been notified of any Appeals or Appeal decisions between meetings.


5.4/08/19 Maldon District Council planning decisions: Members noted that Maldon District Council had APPROVED the following planning applications:


  • TCA/MAL/19/00644 T1. Walnut tree - crown reduction by up to 5 metres. 1 Purleigh Hall Cottages, The Street.

  • FUL/MAL/19/00545 Erection of detached double garage and garden store. Park House, Maldon Road.

and had REFUSED to grant planning permission for the following development:


  • FUL/MAL/19/00574 Proposed two storey dwelling house with detached garage. Land adjacent Syringa, Chimney Lane.

  • COUPA/MAL/19/00476 Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house (Class C3) and for associated operational development. Store at Oak Nursery, Hackmans Lane.

  • FUL/MAL/19/00523 Erection of tractor /hay barn and stables. Land at Pine Lodge, Junction Road, Cold Norton.


5.5/08/19 Other planning matters: Draft amendment to Figure 2: Viability Assessment Process, Maldon District Affordable Housing and Viability Supplementary Planning Document (SPD): It was noted that to help the District Council implement the Approved Local Development Plan for the Maldon District (2014-2029) it would welcome the Parish Council’s comments on the draft amendment to Figure 2: Viability Assessment Process of the Maldon District Affordable Housing and Viability SPD.


The SPD provided guidance on the Council’s approach to delivering affordable housing through new development, through Policies H1, H2 and H5.  It also provided further details on when a viability assessment would be required, how the Council would take viability into account when considering planning applications and what supporting information would be required.


Members noted that the consultation on the draft amendment would be open from 18th July to 29th August 2019 in line with Regulation 13 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.


Members agreed to consider the draft amendment and let the Clerk know if they wanted the Parish Council to submit a formal response.


Draft List of Heritage Assets in Purleigh: Members noted that Tim Howson (Conservation Officer, Maldon District Council) had written to the Parish Council informing Members that on 6th June 2019 Maldon District Council’s Planning and Licensing Committee had resolved to adopt the List of Local Heritage Assets in Purleigh. A copy of the List could be viewed on the District Council’s website at https://www.maldon.gov.uk/info/20049/heritage_and_conservation/9192/listed_buildings/6 .


Mr Howson had thanked the Parish Council for its support of this project.


North Western Area Planning Committee: Members noted that Maldon District Council had invited the Parish Council to make representation on the following planning applications at the committee meeting which had been held on 5th August 2019:

  • FUL/MAL/19/00456 Change of use of kennels to annexe and associated works. Construction of a replacement stable building and the addition of a Manège, hay barn and horse walker pen. New boundary treatments to the site entrance. Eight Acre Farm, Birchwood Road, Cock Clarks.

  • FUL/MAL/19/00506 Replacement sewerage treatment plant within boundary of extended public house. The Bell Public House. The Street.

  • FUL/MAL/19/00674 Erection of building for oyster purification and ancillary aquiculture storage by Maldon Oyster Company. Birchwood Farm, Birchwood Road, Cock Clarks.

In accordance with the policy agreed at the May 2019 meeting (Minute 10/05/19) it had been agreed not to send a representative to the committee meeting.


Members noted that planning application FUL/MAL/19/00506 (Replacement sewerage treatment plant within boundary of extended public house. The Bell Public House) had been withdrawn.

Chelmsford Draft Local Plan Main Modifications Consultation: Members noted that these documents were out to public consultation until 19th September 2019. Hard copies were available at the meeting for Members’ information.




6.1/08/19 Temporary Road Closure, Howe Green Road: Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Howe Green Road, Purleigh: Members noted that a temporary closure of Howe Green Road was due to commence on 3rd September 2019 for 14 days. The closure was required for the safety of the public and workforce while County Broadband Ltd undertook broadband installation.


6.2/08/19 Enclosure of the roadside verge, Birchwood Road: Members noted that this matter was now confidential, pending any enforcement action by Essex County Council.


6.3/08/19 Other highway matters: Speeding traffic Cold Norton Road: Members noted that Penny Channer (County Council Ward Member) had forwarded the Parish Council a letter from a resident concerned about speeding traffic in Cold Norton Road. Cllr. Channer had asked for the Parish Council’s views. Members noted that the last traffic count had been carried out in December 2012 at the Parish Council’s request, and the results had been as follows:


B1018 Cold Norton Road: Speed limit 40mph. Eastbound vehicles 26,853, average 37mph; westbound vehicles 27,334, average 41mph.


It was agreed to inform Cllr. Channer that the Parish Council wholeheartedly supported the resident’s concerns about speeding traffic in Cold Norton Road and had asked Maldon District Council to deploy Community Protection Officers with Tru Cam in the road to try to improve compliance with the speed limit.


It was also agreed to ask Essex Police to carry out another vehicle traffic count to better assess the extent of the problem.


Roadside hedge, Howe Green Road: Having updated a concerned resident about the results of the site meeting held with Mrs. Prendy (Moat Homes) on 26th June 2019 about grounds maintenance and parking issues in The Glebe, the resident thanked the Parish Council for keeping her updated. The main issue of concern at the moment however was the hedge on the road side between the pavilion and the green which had become more like a row of trees rather than a hedge and had not been cut for three years.


It was agreed to write to Moat Homes again asking them to cut the hedge.


Temporary Road Closure, Hackmans Lane: Temporary Road Closure, Hackmans Lane: Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Hackmans Lane, Cold Norton: Members noted that a temporary closure of Hackmans Lane had commenced on 8th August 2019 and would be in force until the 21st August 2019. The closure was required for the safety of the public and workforce while County Broadband Ltd undertook broadband installation.




7.1/08/19 Children’s play Area: Monthly report: Mr. Ash reported that he had carried out his weekly inspections of the Children’s Play Area and that all items of play equipment therein appeared to be in a satisfactory condition.


Mr. Ash expressed his concern about the fixings holding the new picnic benches anchored. Longer chains were required to keep the screws safely in the ground. At the request of the Purleigh Community Fund it was agreed to monitor the issue closely pending the redevelopment of the Children’s Play Area, as the benches would be moved during the process.


7.2/08/19 To receive the report of the playground refurbishment working party and final proposals for the new equipment and safety surface in the Children’s Play Area: Members received the following report of the working party meeting held on 17th July 2019:



Report of a working party meeting held with members of the Purleigh Community Fund to discuss the

final proposals for the redevelopment of the Children’s Play Area

at 7.30 p.m. on 17th July 2019 at 26, The Glebe, Purleigh



Mr. G. Rayner and Mr. S. Bardwell (Purleigh Parish Council)

Ms. C. Chan and Mrs. E. Johns (Purleigh Community Fund)

Also in attendance: Mrs. J. Potter (Clerk)


Context: The Parish Council and everyone involved with this project not only acknowledged the tremendous amount of work Purleigh Community Fund members had put into it but also the huge success they had achieved in raising such a large amount of money in what was a relatively short space of time. The first meeting to discuss a replacement piece of equipment for the one that had been vandalised, having taken place in April 2017. Everyone therefore wanted the project to go ahead so that grant monies could be spent and all those people who had given their support over the last two years could see the result of their endeavours.


Aim: The aim of the working party was to agree a final proposal for the redevelopment of the children’s playground that was within the Purleigh Community Fund’s budget and addressed the concerns raised by some Parish Councillors about the suitability of some of the pieces of play equipment and safety surfaces under consideration.


This would then be presented, fully costed and detailed to the Parish Council at its next meeting to be held on 9th August 2019.


The clerk briefed the meeting on a telephone conversation she had had with Came and Company, the Parish Council’s insurers, regarding the installation of the equipment and grass matting. Came and Company had advised that they ‘preferred’ the installation of the play equipment to be done by the manufacturer, as should there be a problem only one company was responsible. They also advised that the grass matting should come from a play equipment company with the appropriate industry accreditation.


Safety surfacing: The meeting discussed the relative pros and cons of the three safety surfaces quoted for by Broxap and agreed that grass matting was the most practical and cost effective impact attenuating surface (rather than bark which had on-going maintenance issues or bound rubber mulch which was extremely expensive, difficult and costly to repair and had edging boards surrounding it which soon became trip hazards.)


Broxap had quoted £6,125.00 for saver grass matting, but Mrs. Johns agreed to clarify if this cost included installation into grass.


Equipment: The meeting acknowledged that if the six pieces of play equipment chosen by the group based on its detailed consultation with Purleigh schoolchildren were purchased and installed, the group had a funding shortfall of approximately ten thousand pounds.



Broxap Quotation:


Equipment, installation and site survey






S.P. Bardwell Ltd removal of some of the existing equipment,


dispose of and make good all finished surfaces


Post installation site inspection by RoSPA or similar approximately




Purleigh Community Fund:








Parish Council pledge up to






Reluctantly therefore, to ensure that the project could proceed and that all grant monies were spent within the time constraints imposed upon them, it was agreed to reduce the number of items of equipment from 6 to 4, removing the ground trampoline (£2,050.00) which the Parish Council had concerns over and the play mound which was a relatively expensive piece of equipment (£3,495.00). By doing this there would also be a reduction in installation costs. At one point Broxap had apparently quoted £9,963.00 to install four items (as opposed to £13,300.00 for six) saving another £3,337.00.


The group’s funds also didn’t include the profits from the garden party held on 20th July 2019 which it was hoped would raise in the region of £3,000.00.


Making these changes would still enable the following popular play items to be purchased and installed: Townhill Multiplay Unit, Double bay swing, Aerial zip slide and Nest swing.


Mrs. Johns agreed to negotiate with Broxap to obtain a final quotation which should be within the group’s budget and it was agreed that further grants could be applied for to purchase and install more equipment in the future. Mr. Rayner, Mr. Bardwell and the clerk all offered any help they could give to Mrs. Johns in obtaining the final quotation and preparing for the August Parish Council meeting, should she need it.




The Parish Council then considered the following, final proposal from the Purleigh Community Fund to redevelop the Children’s Play Area:


Phase Three of the Park Project:





Removals – Bardwells




Site Survey – BROXAP




Carriage Charge HMP (BROXAP)




Equipment Supplied by HMP (BROXAP)




Town Hill




Double Bay Swing




Aerial Zip Slide




Nest Swing




Safety Flooring




Grass Rubber Matting








ROSPA Post Installation Inspection









To be paid for from the following monies:

 Financial breakdown of monies raised/awarded:


PCF Current Bank Account Funds


Grants held with Parish Council (CIF & Lottery)


PPFA Pledge


Sub Total

Purleigh Parish Council pledge of up to a maximum £2,844.00





Leaving a contingency of £1,091.83 excluding VAT.


It was agreed to proceed and place the order with Broxap as detailed above, and the Purleigh Community Fund agreed to pay the Parish Council one cheque in the sum of £10,562.00 to cover the remaining cost of the project:



Total net cost of the project:


Less: Grants held by Parish Council


Parish Council pledge




Amount outstanding:



Mr. Bardwell advised the PCF that it would be essential to get a detailed programme of works for the project.


The Chairman once again acknowledged the outstanding effort made by the members of the Purleigh Community Fund to raise such a lot of money for the playground refurbishment. He also thanked Mr. Bardwell for all the support he had given to the project and the help and expertise he had provided. The Chairman was also thanked for all his efforts which had greatly helped to get the project over the line.


Mr. Bardwell left the meeting at this juncture.


7.3/08/19 Damaged Notice board – Rudley Green: Members noted that no further information had been received from the loss adjusters for Members’ consideration at the meeting.


7.4/08/19 Other playing field and open space matters: Purleigh Cricket Club: Mr. Steeples advised the meeting that next year would be the 50th Anniversary of Purleigh Cricket Club and that efforts were underway to track down original and former members.




8.1/08/19 To receive a report of receipts: Members received a report of the following receipts:




Pavilion hire (April – June inclusive) £220.00


VAT refund (1st April to 30th June)  £711.33





8.2/08/19 To approve payments of accounts between meetings: Members noted and approved that the following account had been paid between meetings, as agreed at the May 2019 meeting and adhering strictly to the procedures outlined in the Parish Council’s Financial Regulation 5.5.




Electricity re: pavilion £71.94


VAT £3.60





8.3/08/19 To approve payment of accounts to hand and transfers between bank accounts: It was unanimously agreed to approve payment of the following accounts to hand:


Mrs. Jane Potter

Salary – July 2019 £1,311.00  

Less tax


National Insurance


And Pension Contributions


H.M. Revenue & Customs

Tax £38.60  

National Insurance (employees)


National insurance (employers)


Essex Pensions Fund

Employee contributions    

(5.8% pensionable pay)


Employer contributions


(21.7% pensionable pay)


Administration charge


(8% employee contributions)

£6.08 £366.61

Mrs. R. Dilworth

Pavilion cleaning – July 2019    
  20 hours @ £8.50 per hour   £170.00

R. Rapley

Website maintenance    
  April to June 2019   £65.00

Maldon District Council

Re-Charge – Parish elections   £69.15

RBS Invoice Finance Ltd

Photocopying £14.85  
  VAT £2.97  

A.G. Macmorland

Grass cutting – July £612.00  

   Farming Partnership

VAT £122.40  

Maldon District Council

Community Protection Services £215.73  
  VAT £43.15  

Mrs. Jane Potter

Petty Cash reimbursement   £8.12




Transfers: Members noted and approved the following bank transfer:

  1. On 6th August 2019 the sum of £1,871.09 had been transferred from the Business Premium Account (80731099) to the Community Current Account (40731080) to cover payment of the above accounts and leave approximately £1,500 in the current account.


Bank reconciliation as at 31st July 2019: A bank reconciliation for the period 1st April 2019 to 31st July 2019 was carried out by Mr. Arthur and approved by the Parish Council as follows:


Statement of Accounts:


£96,593.38 Barclays Bank Plc:  


£19,000.71    Current account £2,376.67


     Business Premium Account £42,192.18


     Capital Projects Fund £25,686.66


     Legacy £7,287.16


________ Petty Cash £50.00


£77,592.67   £77,592.67






Essex Heritage Trust

Annual Meeting: Members noted that a representative of the Parish Council plus a guest had been invited to the Annual Meeting at The 1912 Centre, Cow Lane, Kings Quay Street, Harwich on Thursday, 5th September 2019 at 7.30 p.m. followed by a talk by a Trustee from the Harwich Society. Attendees were asked to meet at 6.30 p.m. if they wished to have a short walk to visit Christopher Jones House, The Guildhall and St Nicholas Church, part of the Harwich Maritime Heritage Trail. Wine and refreshments would be served and RSVP’s were required by 30th August 2019.


Rod Rapley

Website maintenance and compliance with the new Accessibility Regulations: Members noted that Mr. Rapley, the Parish Council’s webmaster, had attended two seminars on compliance with the new accessibility regulations and had written to the Parish Council explaining that essexinfo.net had given notice that they were withdrawing their services on 31st March 2020.  The Parish Council’s website would therefore have to be relocated to another server using different development tools.


Mr. Rapley would still prepare a report however about how the Purleigh website was failing in some areas to comply with the accessibility regulations and how the Council could assist in ensuring compliance.  


Members noted that he may be able to assist with this migration to another server and the design of the revised website in an advisory role.  Any developer chosen to maintain the relocated website must have knowledge of the accessibility regulations and must ensure the website complied with them.   Mr. Rapley kindly agreed to search the internet for suitable free website servers and development facilities and then let the Parish Council know the results.


As other Parish Councils would be having the same migration needs Members agreed with Mr. Rapley that it may be beneficial to work together for a joint solution as to a developer.



Celebrating Local Democracy: Members noted that the EALC had asked what plans the Parish Council had this year to celebrate 125 years of the sector. Parish Councils were the first tier of Local Government and were created by statute in 1894. When 100 years of the sector had been celebrated, many councils had held exhibitions and events.

The Parish Council did not have any plans to celebrate this anniversary.




Members did not have any points of information to share.




Consideration was given to the crime and disorder implications of all decisions made at this meeting.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.50 p.m.